BÚZIOS (2014)

"Búzios" explores the role that the jogo de búzios, or cowrie shells, an enigmatic and mystical game of divination, plays in everyday life today in Brazi.


GUETO (2014)

"Gueto" is Vieira's testimony to the abiding vitality and humanity that sustain the people living in the many marginalized, disenfranchised communities in Brazil and around the world.


MALUNGOS (Joyce Premier 2015)

Almost five million Africans were enslaved in Brazil, all of whom were part of the Atlantic Slave Trade. These individuals who were imprisoned in the galleys of the slave ships developed strong bonds on their long and arduous journey. On the ships, fellow prisoners referred to each other as "meu (my) malungo" which connoted being a companion in the same condition, that is of being enslaved. The Malungos often formed small groups and with communal strength would go to great lengths to protect each other and even die for each other. Although after abolition, the term disappeared from use, in this piece, Vieira illustrates the strength through unity and friendship that exists within Capoeira communities today and the undeniable influence the enslaved Africans had on Brazilian culture.